Can Sunflower Seeds Go Bad?

These tiny seeds are loaded with nutrients full of healthy fats, minerals, and proteins proving it a healthy and satisfying treat.

Sunflower seeds are added in snack bars, multigrain bread, or even as light munch for when you are in a hurry, you can just eat them.

They lower the chances of heart disease and inflammation.

Sunflower seeds are very good for the birds as a food and for any time munching.

They are quite different as compared to snacks like walnuts, almonds, and chestnuts although these are the best snacks. They could be slightly hard to use instantly, and especially if you bought them a lot in quantity.

Sunflower seeds remain good if you freeze them. They don’t stay long if kept in the cupboard. Raw sunflower seeds can last when,

  1. Kept it in the cupboard for 2-3 months.
  2. 1 year if stored in the fridge or frozen form.

Sunflower seeds if roasted can’t stay good for a longer period because of lacking moisture. However, the main reason any oily food item is kept perfectly is to get rid of the moisture in them. If the moisture content in them is evaporated or roasted can simply increase their storage life.

These seeds can’t stay fresh for a long period in any form if stored in the pantry or cupboard. They have a short life and best before date as said to be compared with other seeds like sesame seeds flax seeds and chia seeds.

Sunflower oil is a bit different as compared to sunflower seeds. Sunflower oil can be kept perfectly in storage in 2 years approximately.

You should know that the sunflower seeds may lose their fine taste if frozen or kept in the fridge for a long time.

The seeds may look perfectly fine, but the taste will fade away by the time it is kept in the fridge.

Do Sunflower Seeds Go Bad For Planting?

If it is unopened for many months at room temperature, the sunflower seeds will maintain their quality. They can be stored for a year or more if decided to freeze or refrigerate. As any expiry date is not mentioned on it.

In common, sunflower seeds for trading purpose are usable for 1 year or more if are stored in a cool, dry and dark place preferable below 65-70F. It is much important to keep it dry, you should use a tin as a container and store in a packaged jar with its lid covered with fabric.

How Do You Store Sunflower Seeds For Planting?

Store them in disposable envelope. Label them with which type of seeds are inside and write a best before date. Seal the envelope and put it in an airtight container.

Store them in a proper place that is cool and dry until you want them to plant. You can also keep them in vegetable corners or drawers in your refrigerator.

How Long Can You Keep Seeds Before Planting?

Many seeds can stay perfectly usable for up to 4 years like seeds of peas, beans, carrots, and tomatoes. Seeds of lettuce and cucumber can stay in a usable state for up to 6 years.

Packaged vegetable seeds and packaged flower seeds will have a better chance to be kept in a usable state if stored properly.

Do Sunflower Kernels Go Bad?

It is a bit different from other food items. There are signs which denote that sunflower seeds have gone bad, but the signs should be observed keenly. Like if observe,

  1. Fungi or little buds grow.
  2. Insects present or keenly seen.
  3. Changed odor and smell.
  4. Goes tasteless.

The presence of mold or fungus is the reason for the high level of oil contained in sunflower seeds.

Therefore, keep them in a place cool and dark away from direct heat and dampness. These seeds can be kept perfectly if frozen.

These seeds taste rich in taste. Grab and taste these seeds and you will feel the taste and richness of these sunflower seeds.

If they taste something wrong, throw them away. Any seed that doesn’t taste good will not harm you if eaten by mistake.

Do Sunflower Seeds Expire?

The shelf life of the sunflower seeds can be influenced easily by general factors as:

  1. Best before the date mentioned.
  2. Salted or Roasted.
  3. How well they are kept in storage.

These seeds are gained from the sunflower’s portion in the center. They contain a high level of proteins and healthy oils naturally. Sunflowers are often found and seen in the empty grounds. They are sold in different forms such as roasted, plain, salted, and flavored, chocolate covered, and sprout and buds of these seeds.

Sun Butter is also ground in them. For people who are allergic to peanuts, it is a great protein spread for them as an alternative. we are exactly talk about here molasses.

How To Store Sunflower Seeds?

The perfect way for sunflower seeds to get stored is to keep them in an airtight jar or container in a dry, cool, and dark place probably at constant or room temperature.

When Refrigerated, keep them in any glass container or airtight jar because they can absorb moisture easily.

Sunflower seeds as butter or in the form of sun butter can be kept in the fridge.

Once opened, keep it in the original container or any other airtight jar or container. SunButter stays good for up to 1 year as said by manufacturers, as there is no best before date is mentioned on it. Sunflower seeds are not best proved if frozen, but you can still freeze them anyway.

While refrigerating them, They may obtain any moisture or any soggy texture with time.

Sunflower seeds come with a variety of choices when buying. The sunflower kernels are available as in-shell or shelled, salted, roasted, and many flavored seeds.

The storage life remains the same besides the variety thing.

In supermarkets, the sunflower seeds are places in the dry fruits department or somewhere near the variety of chestnuts displayed.

If you have bought a pack of these snacks for anything planned for next week then it’s fine if you place them near you at room temperature but away from direct heat and sunlight.  Make sure to consume them in a week as planned as you remember they are good for a very short period.

How To Tell If Sunflower Seeds Are Bad?

There are simple signs to know if they are spoiled or not.

Oily foods or seeds such as sesame, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds are similar to each other.

Here are some signs to know if they go bad:

Sour smell

The first way to figure out about sunflower seed is spoiled is the smell of it getting bitter or sour. This foulness occurs when the seeds come in contact with air for a long time or it is palace somewhere in a dampy area.

You will not become ill if mistakenly eat sunflower seeds after they go bad, but they will taste and smell weird. Change in smell is not completely bad but it confirms when tasting bitter and sour. 

Becomes tasteless

Confirming if it is not good or not can’t be confirmed exactly by smelling it. But after doing a taste test, we can surely tell if it is fine or not. Still, if it doesn’t taste well like sour and bitter, instantly throw them.


This is the last process to complete rancidness.

It is visible after a long time. The fungus occurs when the seeds are in contact with moisture and heat in the form of air and water.

Stored properly and follow all the necessary instructions will keep the food in its best state. Any mishandling will lead to the discharge state.


End of all, sunflower seeds may not be the best choice of snack or munch but they contain good amount of calories and nutrients.

They last you longer if properly stored with care.

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