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Best Haunted One Background Review 2021

Hello, adventurers Today we are going to be taking a look at the haunted one background, which is really interesting and not just because of the description of it because of the feature but for a couple of the reasons firstly it's the only haunted one background added in the curse of strahd adventure. So odds are if you're just a player and you don't DM me, you are likely not going to know this is a thing it is cool, and it is a cult favorite in some sense a lot of people like using it another thing that makes a rather unique and different from every other background we've covered is something in its mechanics.

 It kind of set a precedent for a heavily debated point in the DnD community. Some DM's rules use of this particular haunted one background to make a certain ruling will kind of talk about it when we discuss the mechanics; however, when this was released, it was it led to some really interesting conversations I don't want to say there was a lot of controversy surrounding it because it really wasn't the backgrounds pretty simple to understand. However, it gave some more fuel to another RGA. Anyways I'll talk about it more a little bit, and in any case, they were going to be talking about the haunted one background, and it is found in the curse of strahd. Let's move on to the description.


No, it's moved on through its mechanics under skill proficiencies you can choose to from among arcana investigation a religion or survival and under languages that choose two one of which is exotic so exotic languages if you're not super familiar. It might genuinely be worth doing a separate video on languages altogether a let me know down beneath, but that's kind of like your things you're really not going to know like abyssal Celestial real deep speech draconic infernal primordial sylvan on or under common like odds are there not really calmly spoken anywhere in the overworld at least so yeah I'm not going to run into a whole lot.

This is the precedent that was set so for the longest time, certainly in the PHB era. Everyone would've pick exotic languages when I said pick 2 of any languages, and some of the DM's had a problem with it like there's no way you'd be able to speak in this because this and this and my game world this and this and a lot of player DM friction. In my opinion, it was kind of a needless argument to have if they can understand some stuff cool I don't particularly care doesn't affect how I run my games, but there are DM's out there who put much effort into planning, and if you can read an abyssal and you can decipher the text almost immediately it kind of throws a monkey wrench into the grand plan.

In any case, many people say this background as saying listen if one of them was exotic, it would tell you it could be exotic, so you get to pick from the common list I don't know I I've always aired in just letting players kind of do whatever at least in terms of character creation if I feel like they're abusing as a mechanic you can always curse items, so if you read this without permission, you take like 1d8 psychic damage something like that right.

I stand to hold to the conviction that there are far more tools in the DM's toolbox than there will ever be in any players to a toolbox just flat out. In any case that aside under equipment, you get a monster hunter's pack, a set of common close at hand, one trinket of special importance in addition to one silver piece, which really makes this the poorest out of all of them, which is kind of interesting when you think about it the monster haunted one background.


They will even take up arms to fight alongside you should you find yourself facing an enemy alone. This is really interesting in terms of features because of it. Only glance looks very similar to a lot of the stuff we've covered, but it has the opposite kind of drop back to it.

 For example, if you look at that clan crafter or the acolyte most of the shelter related background features, you'll notice that they specify that the individuals won't directly put himself at risk right; however, this one makes them put themselves at risk it's very interesting stuff, and it could have drawbacks of its own variety for example

 if a father were to defend you only to die in the process there's a good chance that his family might not view you so favorably right, and that could lead to some exciting implications along the way, but this is certainly one of the stronger features we've covered so far. It's almost kind of the inverse to the folk hero feature, which is interesting that does make sense given the overall context and flavor of this background.

Suggested Characteristics

Now let's move on to some suggested characteristics here for personality trait I went with I put no trust in divine beings under ideal I put I'll stop the spirits that haunt me or die trying, and this really applies to any alignment under bond there is evil in me I can feel it. It must never be set free, and under flaw, I talked to spear it's that no one else can see.

I really feel like all of the options here in the suggested characteristics area. I think a lot of them are really flavorful, and a lot of them are really does lend to some interesting plot hooks. For this character, the overall story I was going for was. You had a childhood friend who worshipped whatever god, and you met them along the battlefield by which they were seemingly possessed by said deity and were able to do great things turn the tide of battle all that good stuff, but as a direct result of that the holy power or celestial power that they had to use ended up burning out their body and they ended up dying in more or less a vein from where you stand.

Since that day you kind of look at everything in shades of grey slowly towards the darker and almost a nihilistic view point and you can kind of see it your mad your old friend from time to time in spirit form kind watching over you are communicating with you and stuff like that is very interesting I think I just think there's a lot you can do with that being said.

 Let's move on to my personal thoughts here. If you can't tell, I like the haunted one background. I think it's excellent all topics aside regarding its languages it's a very strong being able to choose your proficiencies make incredibly adaptable to cover whatever blind spot bots your class has the ability to pick two language. One of them is saying its exotic is really good if you're planning on playing a more high-level campaign with more of those celestial elements under equipment. The monsters pack is excellent. The biggest drawback is that you won a silver piece you have, but you know what at early game odds are your party will be able to compensate, and with your feature, you don't have to worry about lodging too too much.  The feature overall is fantastic, like truly the ability to gain a shelter and food is in of itself not terrible, but the ability to also get random allies when you're perceived to be alone is super great as well, especially when you're in a pinch.