How Long Does Brie Cheese Last in the Fridge Unopened?

Brie cheese is one of the most elegant kinds of cheese, which is mostly used to maintain weight. It contains healthy carbs and many other healthy nutrients for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People mostly prefer brie cheese because of its health benefits. It’s A huge and good source of protein, calcium, and vitamin k as well. Which is really an essential element for the blood vessels and heart. It also consists of low fatty acids and therefore it will not increase your weight. It also contains some very important electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and phosphorus in a very quantity. Which is again very necessary for heart and bone health.

How Long Does Brie Cheese Last in the Fridge Unopened?

It is a big question How Long Does Brie Cheese Last in the Fridge Unopened? Keep reading you will know about it. Whenever we think about cheese, delicious, tempting, and stretching layers come into our minds. People love to grab all types of cheeses from departmental stores, specially brie cheese. It is an amazing kind of cheese with lots of healthy nutrients, benefits, and attractive looks. Most people want to know the storage capacity of brie cheese when it’s unopened. So, the answer is, that you can save this tempting cheese for up to a few weeks easily.

You can store the brie without taking some kind of special safety measures. Frozen items contain a high capacity for long life and better survival. It would be better to consume earlier but if you can not, don’t worry you can still use it after 4 months.

You should take care of its packaging, brie should be well packed and waterproof while freezing. So, that no bacteria can enter it and it will be safe for more period.

How Do you Defrost Brie cheese?

Defrosting the brie cheese is not so difficult or rocket science. You just have to wait for an overnight or you should wait for a minimum of 10 to 12 hours to defrost it. If you have no other option, so you can also put it in the oven or you can put it in hot boiling water. This method should be applied if you need brie urgently on the spot, otherwise, you should wait for defrost.

Make sure, there will be no interference of water even one drop, otherwise, your cheese will make fungus on top while defrosting.

You can easily defrost brie with packaging and also without packaging. After 1 to 2 hours, when it gets semi-hard, you can cut the pieces or you can easily crush the brie cheese.

What Can you Do With Leftover Brie?

  • Leftover brie means a lot of variety in food items, so there is no need to throw the brie leftover. You can make a delicious variety of food with unique variations.
  • Pasta lovers, you can make many kinds of pasta with the help of those brie leftovers. Just put the cheese on top and some seasonings, mix it well before serving and enjoy it.
  • Meat lovers, make some tempting recipes using the leftovers of brie. Just grill the stakes or baked the meat with shredded brie on top. The sizzling hot cheese will melt in a few seconds and make your meat so tender and cheesy.
  • Salad lovers, it’s going to be a healthy option for you. Just mix all those leftovers with beans and veggies and enjoy a healthy life with brie.
  • You can also make a variety of cheese sauces with it. Just mix it with mayonnaise and ketchup, and enjoy the delicious cheesy sauce with pasta and pizza.
  • Make chicken and boiled bean salad with all brie leftovers. Just boil the chicken and red beans, and put chopped cucumber, capsicum, and lettuce in it. Mix all those ingredients with chopped leftovers, and top the mixture with olive oil, salt, and a pinch of black pepper.
  • If you are a soup and curry lover, you can make your soups and curries more flavorful and mouthwatering with all those cheese leftovers. Just put them at the end on top with a pinch of white pepper and oregano herb, you will love it.

How long is Brie good for after Sell By date?

If you have a brie in your freezer and the date is gone, do not worry at all. You can still use it even after a few months. Frozen cheese will be safe and sound after the selling date as well. If you forgot to put it in the freezer, the life expectancy of cheese will be decreased with the passage of time. You can use it for up to just a few weeks because, after that, the taste will change day by day. So, it’s good to use it as soon as possible, which will give you a better taste and fresh nutrients.

Can you Eat Brie that Smells like Ammonia?

Sometimes during the process of making the brie cheese, there can be a bacterial reaction from around. Some kind of bacteria can react and can make the light white layer on top of the cheese. After purchasing and unwrapping the cheese wheel or chunk, the ammonia smell can irritate you. It is not a problem at all, you just have to unwrap and leave the brie cheese for a few hours. After a few hours, you will see the ammonia smell has vanished and you can now use it at home without hesitation.

Why does Brie Taste Like Soap?

If you think brie cheese taste is the same like soap, so it can be due to its long process of making. While making cheese there are some specific ingredients that are used to maintain shelf life. Because of all these fatty acids and other components, sometimes brie taste like soap or sometimes tasteless. Do not worry at all, because it is quite normal and natural. There is nothing bad or wrong with it, you should consume it without taking any kind of stress.

Can I put Brie cheese in Mac and Cheese?

The combination of mac and cheese is just awesome. Now the famous brands and popular restaurants are also introducing this unique recipe towards their customers. The recipe is so simple and delicious while using the brie cheese wheel.

  • You just boil the macaroni for 15 minutes, after that drain it and put that hot macaroni on the top of the brie cheese wheel. the brie will start to melt and will give you a saucy, creamy texture with hot macaroni. Put some oregano and basil leaves on top.
  • Now just mix it well with cheese and put a little bit of seasonings, Mac and cheese are ready to serve.
  • The second method is the putting melted brie cheese on hot macaroni and serve it hot on the spot.
  • The third one is so common and easy method. In which, a half-melted wheel of brie is used to cover the whole macaroni on top.

Does Camembert Taste like Brie?

Camembert is another type of cheese that is very similar to brie. If we talk about the taste of both kinds of cheese, so it is also very close to each other but not too much. Brie consists of a soft, sweet taste with a light touch of aroma. On the other hand, camembert consists of a harsh and very fast aroma and the taste is also very heavy and very earthy.

Although both look the same, therefore Mostly people cant find any kind of special difference among both of them. But when they taste both of them, they actually come to know their original taste of brie and camembert. It shows a clear difference among both of them.

How Do You Serve and Eat baked Brie?

Everyone loves to eat baked brie with a variety of unique food items. You can serve the warm baked brie with many kinds of salads and various types of crackers as well. Baked brie will give you a smooth texture from the inside and a light crusty surface outside.

  • You can make a fine chopped salad of hot brie with lots of herb crackers and nuts.
  • You can put baked brie on toast as well with a mixture of boiled chopped eggs.
  • It tastes really well if you mix it with barley, it will be a very energetic option. Specially if you take that in the start of the day.
  • If you are a workout guy, so you should consume it in breakfast with steamed or boiled egg whites. It’s a huge source of protein, you can easily fulfill your protein intake desire through baked brie.

What Happens When you Eat Too Much Brie?

Everything is suitable or good within limitations, otherwise, it will unbalance your whole life. Similarly, if you are thinking about consuming too much brie, you should think again, it’s not a healthy option at all.

  • By taking too much brie, your calorie intake will increase and you may gain much weight within a few days.
  • Likewise, you will face many types of health issues, specially related to the stomach. In which, constipation is on top of the list and the other issues can be of any kind. So, you should limit your daily consumption of brie.
  • The most common health issue related to heavy consumption of brie is hypertension. If you are taking too much brie, you should check your blood pressure level and also cholesterol level regularly. Overeating of brie can leads to high blood cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, which is really dangerous for your heart health.

Can I make a Cheese Sauce with Brie?

Yes obviously, you can make not only one type of cheese but you can do many variations with brie cheese.

  • Take a bowl of garlic mayo, and add a pinch of chili flakes and a little bit of black pepper. After that add the melted brie and mix it well, the delicious garlic brie cheese sauce is ready to enjoy.
  • The second one is mustard cheese sauce. Just take a half cup of mustard paste, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and at the end add the melted brie and mix it well. The delicious and amazing mustard cheese sauce is ready to serve with burgers, wraps, and pasta.
  • For cheesy BBQ sauce, take a half cup or ketchup, and 2 tablespoons of chili garlic sauce. Put them on the stove and slowly cook on low flame with one cup of chicken stock. When it gets boiled, put the grated cheese and mix it together.
  • Add pepper and chili flakes a little bit and cook for 2 minutes or until cheese melts. Cheesy Brie BBQ sauce is ready to serve with stakes and all kinds of BBQ dishes. Dip into it or just pour on it, it’s ready to serve.

 Is Brie Cheese healthier Than Cheddar?

Cheeses are basically made up of cow’s milk with lots of fats, carbs, and healthy nutrients. Which is a really good source of high protein, high calcium, carbs, and a variety of vitamins. But when it’s about the health benefits of two pieces of cheese like cheddar and brie. So, we have to check their nutrients and calculate them together to get results.

  • Cheddar contains high levels of vitamin k with a large amount of calcium, protein, and healthy carbs. Now the role of vitamin k is very essential in our body, as it prevents the deposits of calcium in blood vessels. So, it is good for blockages and maintain heart health.
  • On the other hand, brie is a good source of vitamin A in addition to high calcium, protein, and carbs. The role of vitamin A is very important for our defense system of the body or immune system.
  • The results are different but brie is much healthier than cheddar because of less fatty acids. Cheddar contains more fat and you will gain more weight with it.

How Do you Remove the Rind from Brie cheese? 

Although the light white color rind that mostly appears on the edge of the brie cheese is edible and you can eat it. But mostly people do not like to add into their meal and want to cut it off. For such purpose, the method of cutting is not so complicated, you just follow some basic steps as mentioned below:-

  • Just put it in a laying position and hold the sharp knife with a light hand and put the knife on the edge.
  • Now slowly cut the thin layers of rind one by one with soft hands.
  • All the white surfaces will be clear and the brie without rind is ready to serve.
  • You can also cut it off with a light warm knife because it will easily remove the rind with a hot knife.


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