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Greetings and well met back to the adventures wherever you may be, Alexandria. In this series of articles on the lore, I will focus on Matthew Mercer's world featured on a critical role, specifically the continent of Tal'dorei campaign guide pdf.  From the frozen Netherlands in the north to rebut call and disarming the south from the volcanic visa aisle onto western ozmitzi sea all the way to still ban and the city and goes to the east outdoor ice truly a vast world ripe for adventure.

So supplier gunslinger with enough black powder from your favorite merchant by your barbarian free barrels of ale and hop on your more bonder to explore the world when the legendary vox Machina and 99 await. This episode will focus on the campaign setting book itself as a whole with future episodes detailing the history the geography, religion factions and society's character options, and other rules for your own Alexandria a campaign as such, the contents of the book are tied only to the first campaign of the critical role as a second one started in 2018. Still says a lot to offer and feels like a fully fleshed out campaign setting book.

Comparing it to the forgotten Tal'dorei campaign guide pdf book forth addition or even the Eberron book for 3.5. It’s a little on the lighter side, but I don't mind the less shelf space it occupies. It is still a great book. It only shows that any homebrew world can be flushed out and turned into a public setting. So a small piece of advice for DM's keeps your worldbuilding notes. You never know when you might need them.

The book itself has a little less than 150 pages divided into 4 chapters. The first chapter deals with running campaigns and Tal'dorei campaign guide pdf explaining the history and most important events before, during, and after the calamity. The pantheon affects are presented next with the prime deities and betrayer god's listed, all of whom are not explicitly named, I'm guessing for copyright reasons.

Still, one can deduce who is going to deities question and if not, be sure to watch the gods of Tal'dorei campaign guide pdf episode when it's uploaded. Switching back to mortal beings, all the races common and uncommon presented with humans is always being the most populous wars, and the elves are more or less standard while there are 2 options for dragon born characters.

One with a tail and one without. An interesting addition to this chapter under 12 factions in societies each faction apart from flavor text as a paragraph on its goals relationships and list of figures of interest. Every faction entry is between 1 and 2 pages long, and you may find familiar characters on their respective figure lists, as the viewers of a critical role should already know. This concludes chapter one, which was about 40 pages long.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is bulkier with around 60 pages, and deals with different locations of Tal'dorei campaign guide pdf guess are in elven tongue. Before the gazetteer itself, the passage of time calendar and holidays are presented a year-end Xandria is a little less than on earth with 328 days over the course of 11 months. The 4 seasons remain the same, though, and the 7 days a week and a day last 2004 hours. Each section of the gazetteer starts with an intro text of the region with subsections named after sub-region city or town our landmark, each with one or more adventure hooks with the note for which character tear the adventure could be.

Similar in design to the Tal'dorei campaign guide pdf FE room guide from for addition with again less flavor text and more focused on adventure hooks. And I must say that I like it since there can never be enough plot hooks for your own adventures, and in my opinion, this is a better than a quasi-random adventure table. Here and there are text boxes with some fun and interesting facts about an NBC an item or a useful tips concerning that region itself?

The gazetteer has 8 regions and starts with the whole city and coast all the way to refer to the mist peninsula and the word and expands and ends with the distant regions as Tal'dorei campaign guide pdf hopefully to be covered in more detail in our next book.

I must say that the book features a lot of illustrations, and they are top-notch. They really depict the diversity of Tal'dorei campaign guide pdf and can help players in-game masses alike get the immersed in the setting.

Chapter 3

Chapter free is all about character options. First, several class options are presented while the glance lingers archetype and blood hunter classes are officially part of the Xandria resetting. I'll just focus on the contents of this book, but I promise to do an in depth analysis of mass homebrew classes and archetypes.

We are introduced to 4 new archetypes the blood to demand for the cleric bat of the Juggernaut for the barbarian room child sorceress origin and the way of the cobalt sold monastic tradition. We also have 5 new backgrounds and 9 new feats. The next 15 or so pages focus on magic items or rather the vestiges of divergence as they are called in the book. Every magic item starts with the dormant state progressing in power to in a weakened state and reaching its full potential as an exalted vestige.

These basic item levels can be either tier-based, or they can progress with story arcs depending on the play style of your game and your dungeon master.

Chapter 4

Chapter forth concludes with optional campaign rules and general guidelines when running a Tal'dorei campaign guide pdf. For larger parties, in order to accelerate compact drinking, a potion can now be used as a bonus section instead of an action, but Matt from mine says that if this is the case, enemies get this feature as well. Also, at the eighth level place, you should be able to cast more than one non-cantrip spell per turn, but only one of the spells can be level 3 or higher.

Another rule is accelerated downtime either by having 40 minutes for a short rest or using an option where Short rest can be 5 minutes, but in that case, healing would hit the ice is health, and characters gain one level of exhaustion on top of that.

Finally, alternative resurrection rules are presented, and my advice is to keep your character alive every time you are brought back from the dead. You permanently lose 1 point of constitution, and only a carefully worded wish spell can bring it back. Are you can apply the madness rules where a character loses his or her sanity each time their spirit is pulled back from the rest of death?

Last Chapter

In the last chapter, allies and adversaries are more or less the best you're ready or rather a field guide to the creatures of the Tal'dorei campaign guide pdf. General guidelines for operations beast folk Fae giant and goblin king and of course orce are presented here. Also, the areas in which you can encounter them their societies and the better their history as well.

A total of 16 stat blocks for creatures are given, ranging from the ashari elemental barbarian’s class assassins various clients and my favorite, the Ravager stabby stabber. This is a good sourcebook if you want to run and play Tal'dorei campaign guide pdf adventures or campaign I highly recommend it for any DM or even a player who is a fan of the critical role, and I believe this is just the first of many books I think we should expect at least a wild mount book when the second campaign of critical role ends.

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