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Latest Top 10 DnD 5e Races Review 2021

Grung Dnd Races

Number 10 are Grung I realize that they are definitely not one of the absolute top races but they are one of my personal favorites and I guess this is one of my personal favorite makes and since cobalt as I've stated in the past aren't that great wrong I think really are they're awesome I would love to play one that's why I made the mini that you're seeing on screen and because I'm hoping to one day get a chance to play one but what makes growing so great why do I like them well did you get a bonus to dexterity in constitution right typically if you're going to be a martial character you want to have a bonus to either strength or dexterity and then a great secondary ability score to have this constitution again this also works well pretty much dexterity constitution works even if you're not going to be martial character even if you're going to be a spell caster bonuses to both Dex and Con going to help you no matter what.

Proficiency with perception perceptions the best skill in the game by and far so to have access to it for free is great are you do have a lower walking speed but you have an climb speed you can breathe air and water your immune to poison in the poison condition one of the most common damage types and one of the most common conditions you have this poisonous skin feature which is any creature that comes in direct contact with you has to make a con save or be poisoned for minutes  they are no longer in contact with you they can repeat the save but you can apply the poison as part of already making an attack and when you do so the target must succeed on a con save or take 2D for poison damage.

I think this works very well for robe but this can be on a paladin and this could be a fight or any character can really use that poison damage and it's unlimited there's no recharge on it and it happens as part of the attack the only fun and interesting downside in my mind is even if you have to touch someone to heal them let's say you are some sort of healing class they are still in contact with you so even though you may be casting care wounds on them you might poison at the same time and I kind of like that concept from a role play perspective.

Tabaxi Dnd 5e Races

Number 9.  is to Tabaxi this is obviously are more leopard more jungle cat version of our lion we saw the Lyon in recently in mythic odyssey so in my mind to back see way better what do you get from it dexterity and charisma again Dex is a power stat in fifth addition it does so much on charisma is the most commonly used spell casting modifier in the game and also has excellent implications for social situations, so these two abilities score improvements are pretty solid. 

You are walking speed of 30 feet of dark vision, which is always good. Feline agility is pretty cool because it's a unique thing that we only really see with two back see when you move on your turn in combat, double your speed until the end of the turn. Then once you use this trait, you can't use it again until you've moved 0 feet on one of your turns, but this can get into all manner of craziness if you combo this with things like haste another abilities you can get ridiculously fast movement speed for you short period of time.

You have cat claws which do give your climbing speed of 20 feet, and you can use them as a natural weapon dealing a D4 plus your strength bought fire damage if you so choose and you also get proficiency into skills this perception again as I stated one of the best and self arguably another very powerful skill to have proficiency in and you can speak read and write common, and you get to pick the next language. I don't know, and it's a very powerful dnd 5e feats. it can do very well the thing I have to be very well for I see a lot of rogues a lot of the backseat rouges out there is what I see pretty commonly, but its backseat bard could be interesting.  But I'd love to hear. I'm sure people have played a bunch of other classes with the backseat, but those are the two that I see the most.


Number 8 is Halfling. Aside from the funky art that I am not huge of from the player's handbook, they're pretty great. This is the first dnd races in our list that technically gets a summaries so give you why I like Halfling and then what my favorite sub races for them as well.

Then there are various sub-dnd races. I do like the ghost wise Halfling because of the telepathy that you get, but this one was only found in the sword coast adventurer's guide, so not a lot of people are aware of it. One of the best ones in my mind is probably just the base stout Halfling. Which is constitution plus one because you're also going to have you already have an advantage on saving throws versus frightened. You're not going to have it on poison and resistance to poison damage again one of the most common damage types, and as I stated, bonuses to the constitution are always good if your audience does allow you to use the wild mount sub-races that I also like the lotus 10 Halfling because you're going just to get magic.

Which is something you typically don't have access to and disadvantage you when you make a reality check the track. You rather have a disadvantage. You come across difficult terrain made of non-magical plants in undergrowth without expending extra movement. All in all a good dnd races and again the lucky feature is just it can be so exploited, and it's frustrating and sometimes as a DM to watch people be able to just re-roll ones whenever they get them, but that's the nature of the race.


Number 7 is half-Orc if you're going to be a fighter Marshall type Half-Orc is really one of the best options out there strength score increased by two con by one we've already talked about the ability scores associated with that dark vision an excellent feature to have a lot of classes are a lot of races do have it and you're one of the ones that does proficiency in the intimidation skill again.

For example, if you are a wielding a, so battle-ax that d8 normally when you create you a deal to d8 because of savage attacks you would deal 3D 8 damage are which is pretty nutty honestly it can be very very useful and you again this is one of those things it's like always on in the background, and when it comes online, you're going to be very pumped whenever you get to use it on you can speak read write common and Half-Orc.

I'm not really dealing with the dragon marks because I know there are a couple of options, but I think the base half work is one of the best, and really more often than not, if you have an option, a lot of people like to go Goliath because of critical role half-Orc is really just a better Goliath in my opinion in every single way.

Dwarf DnD Races

Number 6 is dwarf again, another race that has sub dnd 5e races, so I'll give you my favorite of that. However, Dwarf again classic fantasy race that means that is a constitution plus two again as we said, the constitution is universally useful you are going to have a 25-foot walking speed, but that's not reduced by wearing heavy armor, so that's a small benefit their dark vision again always useful as we've stated numerous times adventures on saving throws versus poisoning resistant to poison damage is very very beneficial will be useful from level one all the way to level 20.

Proficiency with the battle-ax hand ax late hammer and Warhammer again if you are a class or that doesn't necessarily get access to certain martial weapons this is a great way to get around that two proficiency in Smith's tools brewers tools or masons tools that have used depending on how you’re DM handles them.

So that is a very powerful that can depending on what kind of class you're going to play this can just give you that much more hit points and extra one hit point every level is big are you might not think it, but that's basically the difference between having a D6 hit die and having a D8 hit die. Right up to that would be mount or because one of the few races that gets a +2 to two ability scores it's a plus to constitution plus two strengths are and then you proficiency with light, medium armor which also leads to very interesting builds I've seen of the armored organ wizard.

Elf Half Elf 5e

Number 5 is half elf 5e, and I'll be honest, elves are one of my absolute favorite dnd races always very enjoy very much enjoyed playing as half elf 5e and Ellen characters I think it probably realistically stems from the hobbit, the lord of the rings, and being a big fan of both of those novels and then also the movies were you know right towards basically my whole high school years was when those movies are coming out.

Hence, I'm a big fan of that, and plus, I am an archer. You know I've been doing archery my whole life, so that might be a slight influence there because the valves typically use for bows. So half elf 5e also gets a lot of really good powerful abilities are also dexterity plus two dark vision always use once again perception is a proficiency always good. I've been surprised how much the ability that magic can't put you to sleep has come up in my games, especially because certain people even cast a sleep spell, and I drop it on top of you,

and you won't ever have to worry about being knocked unconscious but more importantly, that advantage on saving throw versus charmed they don't always come up too often term effects but when they do, you are going to be very thankful that you have an advantage and the ever-complicated ever confusing trance ability because people don't necessarily know how to run it, so you don't need to sleep.

There's I I've seen a lot of people really different ways but ultimately it's just you know you can be awake more and do more things there are a ton of time as you can see here of elven sub races one of my go to favorites is obviously the wood half elf 5e big fan of the wood elf which is going to get your proficiency with a long sword shorts or short bow and long bow your base movement speed is going to increase by 5 to 8 walking speed of 35 feet and you can attempt to hide whatever only lightly obscured by foliage heavy rainfall and snow mist or other natural phenomena.

 I really like a wood half elf 5e rouge a scout rogue specifically but I also really respect the ever on Arianny and Vallon R versions because if we look at like a wood a valemar one. You're going to not get you in a different proficiencies in that rather than getting a long sword short sword longbow you're going to get scimitar double scimitar longbow and short bow and

the double scimitar is a very cool weapon introduced in Eberron and alternatively the Arianny version however you pronounce it is you get to choose a skill or tool proficiency and you basically have expertise in that and I really like that one because if you end up playing a race or class rather were you get martial weapon proficiencies having the weapon proficiencies from being a what office kind of redundant and useless for you or even high off gets the same proficiencies.

So this type of elf I really enjoy because you can turn what would have been a relatively useless proficiency for you into expertise any skill or tool reminder that seems tools are tools so you can get expertise in thieves tools that ever actually being a rogue or you know given skill and perception is when you get automatically so if you choose expertise in perception that may go a long way I like the paladin Elf the new one that was added in wild m I think that was really strong and I really like the a ladder and but I feel like anyone that I would want to play I have to have a very very high stats to make the best use of its abilities.