Top 6 Best D&D 5e Dragons Review 2021

Ambush Drake D&D 5e Dragons

Number 6 the ambush Drake this one comes to us from for the dragon queen though I believe it may have been reprinted since then, but this is kind of one of the first encounters with a dragon that I ever did in any of my 5th edition time frames, so that was a little bit of a nostalgic thing for me. My DM described it as a dragon dog, and I feel it was very interesting where most of my party didn't understand what he was referencing a Drake and then referenced originally referenced the dragon dog and then referenced the Drake.

There's actually talking about the same creature, not two separate things. They're pretty cool looking, though, right? The ambush drake is obviously based on a green dragon, and you can see right here it has resistance to poison as such. Its sort of big thing is it has packed tactics exactly, So it's going to be an advantage on attack rolls with allies within 5 feet. It also has a surprise attack feature similar to bugbears have where if it surprises a creature and hits them during the first round of combat, it doesn't mean extra 2D6 damage.

Its bite does you know D6 damage, so that plus the surprising tech could be 3D6, and with the pack, tactics is a pretty good chance to get a crit. I also think it's a great idea to kind of expand. I know ambush drakes here are designed to be green, a kind of poison-based, but I don't see any reason you couldn't make a red ambush drake and give it resistance to poison or a blue one and get resistance to lightning.

But either way, they're pretty cool-looking creatures. It's also something that I feel like if you want to give your party members at the dragon, whether it be as an animal companion or a Feinstein or something like that, an ambush Drake isn't bad because it's not too powerful compared to giving them something like a worm wing.

Faerie Dragon D&D 5e Dragons

Number 5. The Faerie dragon, I actually don't remember these from older editions though they may have been around. I'm sure they were. This was something I thought interesting from d&d 5e dragons at least the first time I really saw one, and they're sort of an interesting for almost like I feel like you could make them a Faerie creature they have faerie in the name, and as you can see here they're more like butterfly wings than traditional dragons bat wings, and they have a really interesting ability here whereas they age they sort of go through the colors of the rainbow.

And get additional abilities right, you see red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo violet, and that is that what the color of the dragon is as it grows in age. It shifts its color pattern. Did you have this superior invisibility ability? As a bonus action, they can turn invisible until they're done concentrating. There's no limit on that, and it only ends than the equipment it carries or whatever is trying to visible with it.

Their tiny size makes some really cute but yeah, that concentration can last indefinitely as long as they're not knocked out of it. They do have telepathy out to 60 feet magic resistance, and again the spells associated, as we discussed with the different colors all the way up to polymorph out when they're violet-colored, have a bite basically for no real significant damage. Still, they also have one. I thought it was an interesting ability is a euphoria breath.

So I don't know they're cute, and actually, they're really cute but also, like this picture makes it look very sinister. I feel like that is a very sinister-looking face for what is just an interesting chaotic good mischievous dragon, and it's a fun way to throw a dragon at a party at a low level without it being too crazy.

Pseudodragon D&D 5e Dragons

Number 4 Pseudo dragon in a similar vein to the Faerie dragon being like a fun small creature that is kind of a dragon but not really we have the pseudodragon which in and of its name tell you what it is it is kind of a dragon but not really. So they're once again a tiny creature only challenge rating one quarter, and to be, the coolest thing is for you to have one as sort of a companion right did you have a blind site which could be helpful to as well as dark vision advantage on perception checks that rely on sight hearing or smells are very good at tracking and finding things advantage on saving throws against magical facts and a limited telepathy. Still, I also like that they can only communicate simple ideas, emotions, and images.

I think images can be very fun, and I've had a lot of fun playing with that in a variety of different campaigns with what a pseudodragon can truly communicate to the party it's got its bite attack. Then obviously, you can see its tail has this big scorpion-style stinger, and that's what it has a sort of its other weapon where is the typical dragon would have a breath weapon. It does a d4 plus two piercing damage in the future must make a con save or be poison for an hour, and if they fail by five or more, they're unconscious for the same duration unless another creature uses an action to shake them awake.

Again if you use the variant for familiars and if someone has a draconic or pseudodragon familiar, it can extend its magic resistance ability here to them, giving them an advantage on saving throws against spells and the magical effects.

Dragon Tortoise

Number 3 The dragon tortoise, that's right, you heard dragon tortoise, not dragon turtle now basically this monsters introduced to us in the candle keep mysteries, so I guess sort of spoiler as far as the lord goes but is essential for all intents and purposes exactly the same as a dragon turtle however it does not have the ability to breathe underwater I believe dragon turtles have like an amphibious or a hold breast ability yeah they are in amphibious so the dragon tortoise well it does not have that ability it also doesn't have a swim speed but is basically again the direct correlation between a tortoise and turtle.

This is rather than an underwater swimming turtle. This is a tortoise version of a dragon turtle which I think is just really silly to me. Again as far as I could tell, when I compared it to just a quick glance, there was absolutely no difference between a dragon turtle and a dragon tortoise, but why don't we go ahead and do a quick side by side here and see.

So it looks like when you look at all the stats, and everything seems to be the same as far as I can tell, you just again lacking the amphibious feature that looks to be the same even still has the steam breath that does the 60-foot cone for 12 or 15 d6 slashing damage.

Adult Sapphire Dragon

Number 2 Adult sapphire dragon we only have stats for an adult sapphire dragon in dnd 5e, but it was included as part of the 45th anniversary came with the sapphire dice. It's the first introduction for a lot of folks who were, you know, only learning DND 5e to the concept of the gem dragon. For those of you who are unaware of a high-level description, are your chromatic dragons or your evil dragons? Your metallic dragons are your good dragons, and your gem dragons are your neutral dragons.

So You can see here as a immunity to thunder damage in the frightened condition. It does have some in innate spells that are psionics which is scrying telekinesis teleportation circle you can tunnel it can climb its breath weapon is a debilitating breath weapon which does thunder damage and if they fail to take the thunder damage. They're incapacitated until the start of their next turn.

It has a legendary action one of which is teleported, which is sort of like a misty staff another one is a telekinetic fling working throw either an object or something into someone possibly dealing damage and then we have a giant spiders are a favorite food of them, so there are lore bits about this we actually have a decent amount of information on the sapphire dragon both about their description a little bit more about gem dragons themselves and then about the sapphire dragon's lair.

Ancient Silver Dragon

Number one Ancient Silver dragons, you know I like I said I wasn't. I'm not a huge fan of most of the chromatics in the metallic dragons, but silver dragons are just for whatever reason. I absolutely love them. I don't know what it is about them. You know they're lawful good dragons and usually more of a chaotic good chaotic neutral persons you think maybe like copper or maybe like a copper dragon kind of like a jokester maybe that’s a brass dragon I don't remember. Still, I don't know. I think media might come from the mechanics of the fact that their dual breath weapons are so powerful, right, so they deal cold damage, right? That's their traditional breath weapon, the damage-dealing one, but all metallic dragons have two breath weapons, a damaging one and then some sort of status effect one.

In the silver dragons is a paralyzing breath which is probably one of the most brutal because paralysis when you could be something like a dragon and follow up with legendary actions making it a tax is just nasty because again and that an attack within 5 feet is an auto crit when you're paralyzed.