What Do Chickpeas Taste Like?

Ever come back from the market and just wanted to enjoy some healthy meal which is rich in protein but so tired that you do not want to all the hassle to cook it. Well, then there is chickpeas which have enriched protein and are considered as a healthy diet. You may find these legumes in your grocery.

What are Chickpeas?

Maybe some of the people do not know a lot about the chickpeas. So basically, chickpeas are the member of the legume family that may also include the peas, peanut, and beans, etc. This light brown color pulse is considered to be a good source of protein. Although it may look pale and boring, but have really good taste. When you are tired of getting a lot of carbs, chickpea is an excellent way to get protein in your body. It is also a great source of fibers and have a lower glycemic index.

Varieties of chickpeas

For a long time, people did not realize that chickpea and garbanzo were the same things. There are different varieties of chickpeas which vary by the plants itself, and then there are varying forms which may be

  •  Kabuli_ large and beige with a thin skin
  •  Desi_ small and dark with yellow interior
  •  Green_ younger chickpea with a sweet flavor

Chickpeas are considered a beloved ingredient in India. People mostly used it in their daily diet. It is also used in the Middle East, Italy, and the Philippines. It has become the staple food item in many cuisines.

What Do Chickpeas Taste Like

Chickpeas have a beany flavor which is basically the taste of the legume family. If you are cooking hummus or make any kind of dip, it must be soft. The good thing about it is that it blends very well, which makes it a part of any kind of food items. It tastes according to the food. When it blends, it gives a soft, creamy, and buttery texture.  Chickpea is also used in Tuna salad, and it gives good taste when it is used with spinach. if you don't know how to make a catfish recipe and also if you don't know how to cook catfish  read our guide.

Uses of chickpeas in diet

It is loaded with high nutritional values. It gives an adequate amount of energy to our body. I t has vitamins and different kinds of elements that are required in our body. It lowers the cholesterol level and maintains the blood pressure. It improves digestion and helps to deal with the health issues.

How to buy chickpeas

They are easy to buy because it is available in any grocery shops. It may comes in different forms that may be

  • Dried chickpeas_ you may find them in too many quantity of your grocery and with the canned goods. They must be stored in airtight container so that it may preserve up to a year. The longer they are stored, the more they will lose the moisture and easy to cook.
  • Canned chickpeas _it is pre-cooked. You can eat straight out of the can you don’t need to cook it. Just make sure to rinse them before you eat them to remove excessive amount of sodium (which is used to store them).
  • Chickpea flour_ Both Indian and Italian cuisines used the chickpea flour in a lot of dishes. In India it is also used to make Chana chat.

How to cook chickpeas

Cooking chickpeas are super fun and easy. If you are making any kind of dish at home, then you have to soak them before cook. It gets triple in size when you soaked them. You‘ll have to choose that what you want to cook and by which method.

  • Stove top cooking: Drain your soaked chickpeas and tip them into the pan. Add water and leave them for hours until they‘ll become twice of their size .After this put the pan on the stove and heat them. It totally depends on the recipe which you are making whether it would be soft or firm.
  • Instant pot cooking: pressure cooker can cook both dry or pre-cooked chickpeas. If they are already soaked then it requires only minute to cook them. If you are cooking dry chickpeas, it requires 40 to 50 minutes to cook them.
  • Roasting: Chickpeas can be roasted. For this purpose, preheat oven to 400 degree F. Dry the chickpeas with the paper and remove all the skin that comes off. Apply oil with the help of brush and spread all the peas on the baking sheet and roast them 10 to 20 minutes.


So, after all, these Chickpeas are healthy and rich in essential nutrients and protein. For the people who are cutting down the meat consumption, a dish of chickpeas has a significant amount of protein and gives energy to the body. It maintains our mental health and improves our digestion. But there is one thing that people should not eat the raw chickpeas as they contain the toxin and substances that are difficult to digest.

They are smooth and delicious. People love to try different types of recipes which enhance the flavor and nutrients of chickpeas. It is nutritious that does not mean that it cannot be delicious. It has to make delicious by adding different ingredients. So, what do you think about the chickpeas to add them in your diet? Can any food be more delicious and proteinaceous than chickpeas? I don’t think so.