What Does Chai Taste Like?

Chai is basically a medicine and use in CHINA. Slowly drinking of tea becomes popular in BARTANIA in 17 century. Now, it is popular all over the world basically it is found in two different forms the small-leaved China plant and the large-leaved Assam plant.

What Does Chai Taste Like?

Over all its taste is good and use in both fermented and Non fermented forms.  When we use it as a medicine we only use its extract which we get by boiling fresh leaves. It is different from region to region and the taste is also different from region to region.

Types Of Fermentations

Now it is very common in every country city and home found in three different forms fermented, unfermented, and semi-fermented, (green) (black) and (oolong).They all have different taste, and they all are good in taste .People addict to drink tea, some are those who drink to stay active and alert .Mostly students used to drink tea during their exams to make their mind fresh and active .Some used to drink just for fun … Now chai is a basic part in every gathering.. And every sitting is incomplete without chai (tea)…

Craving for Chai 

The taste of chai is different at different places Like house tea is different then, the office tea and the office tea is different then, the party or any other functions tea .If I talk about Pakistani’s they are crazy about chai, and their lives   are incomplete if they are not taking cup of tea at least twice a day, Some are those when they craved for chai they make it.

Chai in Happiness and Sorrows

 Some people like to take tea in their happiness and some like to take tea in their sorrows, some like to take tea with biscuits and some like to take tea with patties or some other snacks. Some people like to drink when they are away from work and are sitting completely relaxed, than they drink tea to make their brain relax. Do you like chickpeas and you don't know how to cook and how to eat.

Chai (Tea) In Rain

  • Chai in rain.
  • Chai in cold weather.
  • Chai on bed.
  • Chai after meal.
  • Chai with moon and stars.

 Some people enjoy it with the weather as if it is raining, they like to drink tea during the rains. If the cold wind is blowing then it is our pleasure to drink tea. Some people like to have a bed tea and some people like to have tea after breakfast or after every meal .Some like to drink tea in moon and stars light under calm clouds.

Types Of Chai

There are some types of tea some people like to take the dark in color some people like to take tea which is light in colors some people like to take tea with cinnamon some people like to add ginger in their teas to enhance the taste of chai. Although, there are so many types of tea some people like to just take Dhood Patti. Some people like to take green tea and some like to take pink tea

 Green and pink tea are very healthy relaxing and are very good in diet green tea helps  a lot of people to keep up their fat of body because it has  antioxidant properties .

Now Let’s Discuss How To Make Tea

Every tea maker has different test in their hands. And depending on the tea leaf also depends on where it came from and from which area t is also endorsed. Tea comes with small and large grain and come with leaves.

There Are Two Types Of Tea;

Separate tea & Mix tea. Separate tea, they use to boil the extract of tea from leaves or tea grains separately in a boiler and milk in a separate thermos in boiled form. In mixed tea people like to boil the extract the leaves or grains into the same pan, and they both have different taste. Although, pink tea is a very time_ consuming tea it takes a lot of time to cook. While, very little time is require to catch green tea and it gets ready in a very short time because it just needs to be pore into the boiling water and that’s it.


Tea is very good for humans and it is very relaxed and leisurely. Students use too much tea during their studies, which keeps them very fresh. Tea use as a medicine. In China, it was initially used as a medicine. This is very beneficial for curing cold and cough.

Green tea

  • Green tea is very good for you, but if it is used more than it also has disadvantages .It can cause diarrhea and cause iron deficiency because green tea has antioxidant properties

Brown tea

  • Although brown tea is good in taste cramping.
  • Diarrhea Aggravate constipation.
  • Reduced potassium levels, which leads to heart problems.

Black tea

  • It is more oxidant than oolong tea and generally it is stronger in flavour than the other teas.

Yellow Tea

  • Good for skin and makes your skin healthy
  • Helps in weight loss and keep teeth healthy helps to prevent diabetes.
  • Prevents some disorders related to bones

Production of Tea

The world is producing large amount of tea for their customers  Tea mostly grown at sea level or hilly areas   it is famous for its body brikness melti flavour and strong bright color the total 55% percent of tea produced in Assam.  Now ,different type of brands are producing different type of teas some are in large grains and some are in small grains and some are in sticks and some are in leaves and now it is up to the customer’s choice  what he wants to choose  or what’s his taste.