What Does Orange Roughy Taste Like?

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Orange roughy and its similar kind of fishes.
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What is Orange Roughy?

The Orange roughy is a deep-sea fish that is found near the seashore of North Land.
They are to be found in sea beds up to 1300 meters and can get bigger of weight as 7 kilograms, and 75 centimeters in breadth.

Over-fishing has been done in various regions in the globe, and its recently got counted in the list of endangered and at-risk categories of creatures.
Orange roughy is a member of the Marine Fish family, which takes in some other species as slimy sculpins, lanternfish. This family name is also known as Trachichthyidae. ( source )

It has also known as slimehead. It is the fish that is found in the deep sea bed.
Orange roughy includes the most markable type of deep aqua fish. They naturally have a sharp red body and head, even though it can be contrasted in the shade of orange.

Their oval body shape is fully shielded with spines, while its considerable mouth has clammy spaces to help getting provided with food.

They steady in growth and slowly aging fish, it lives about 150 years approximately.
Their weight is 7 kg and length of 75 centimeters. They live in deep seawater near seashores, with their depth on record is 1300 meters beneath water level.

The seafood production has given the name from slimehead fish as per the more appealing as the name Orange roughy in their fish market. This incredible species of fish have recently added to our regular diet.

The increase in their uniqueness of this kind has created an immense demand. Besides there other specialties, its taste is mouth-watering if well prepared.

Some researchers say that this is the finest, gentle, and tender fish. Its flavor is similar to some aquatic species such as swordfish, flounder, tilapia, haddock, blackfish, and sole.

The tender, finest meat suits various cooking methods. Some people have compared orange roughy with lobsters because of their tender, fine flavor, and light-colored meat.

Besides orange roughy flavor and uniqueness, their long life denotes that they have the possibility to contain a massive amount of mercury which they have soaked in their whole life in the sea.

This may cause complications for the people which consumed it, ending up getting the mercury transferred in them after having it as their food. Despite the mercury in it, this fish carries a little bit of fat and fewer calories, proving it a healthy choice for health-conscious people.

Orange roughy consists of some advantage and disadvantages when making the decision of consuming it not, but the tenderness of this fish will not let you down if you are a genuine sea food lover.

Their name upsets some people before consuming but after changing its name from slimehead to Orange roughy, many people have changed their perception towards it when it comes to the taste and the tenderness of this fish.

What Does Orange Roughy Taste Like?

It is a comparatively rare fish is that least people know, and even more of lesser exactly know about its recipes and procedure to cook.

It has a very slight taste of its own, but it is an advantage for people who are either beginners or people who are conscious about the strong flavor inside meats meanwhile other people just end up not liking it or feeling it as boring and tasteless meat.

The quality of its texture is gentle and tender along with big chunks-type pieces that suit any recipe when prepared.

This meat has a slight whitish shade in it when uncooked but turns proper white once prepared. This meat goes well with any flavor added as in the recipe. You must try preparing it in various ways such as Italian style, Asian style and Chinese style.

Every style has its own mixture of spices which gives the unique flavor to meat every time. Orange roughy could be prepared in various ways, but the most common way is grilled or fried. Orange roughy has a simple and easy preparation time of 15 minutes as per the quantity and when lightly cooked it can be eaten with knife and fork.

Benefits of Eating Orange Roughy:

Orange Roughy contains vitamins A & D, calcium, protein and a high quantity of omega-3 natural oils. It contains each nutrition in your food that is required for a healthy body.

Due to omega-3 natural oils present in them decrease the chances of heart diseases, less immunity, arthritis and many more.

It is almost fat-free and contain fewer calories, proving it as a perfect choice for many people who are willing to reduce weight or a well-maintained calorie diet.

Prepared orange roughy also contain a rich amount of vitamin A & D.  Phosphorous, calcium, selenium and iron. These nutrients are necessary for norishing a diet full of health.

It also reduces the factors of heart complaints, controls the cholesterol levels in the blood and lower phospholipid at ease.

The orange roughy has been shown to reduce the chance of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels in the blood and reducing triglyceride content.

Although, this fish meat has high level of mercury, that is why it should be consumed at a limit. It should be eaten less than 2 times in a week as advised.

Does Orange Roughy Taste Like Lobster?

This is a bit weird as most people compare orange roughy’s flavor with lobster. Maybe because of their similarity in meat as they are pearl colored and slight flavored.

Orange roughy is an enjoyable taste, but not as appetizing or adaptable as compared to lobster.

On the other hand, It is economical than lobster. Lobster is generally really expensive in fish market.

What is Orange Roughy Similar to?

This fish is similar to many kind comparing the skin and taste and texture. Orange roughy is similar to Swordfish, blackfish, flounder, red snapper, sole, haddock, and ocean perch.

Swordfish is a carnivore fish. The main issue with predator fishes is that the mercury transfer along with them.

Orange roughy is also similar with lobster. Maybe their similarity in meat as they are pearl colored and slight flavored.

Orange roughy is an enjoyable taste, but not as appetizing or adaptable as compared to lobster and TunaOn the other hand, Orange roughy is economical than lobster. Lobster is generally really expensive in fish market.

How to Cook Orange Roughy?

It has a very light taste and scraby skin. It can be cooked in various ways. It is versatile for different recipes the best way to cook it is getting baked, and grilled, stir-fried.

Now to prepare orange roughy, follow the steps below:

Cut the head off and take out the intestines inside with the help of a keen cutter or knife.

Wash it with cold water. Before proceeding, properly dry it with a tissue or towel.

If Baked:

  • Marinate for Thirty minutes in buttermilk, Put the butter paper on the tray, Then Place meat fillets on the baking tray and slightly brush butter or olive oil on the fillets.
  • Sprinkle your seasoning along with salt & pepper, then add herbs such as oregano and thyme as per desired flavor.
  • Start Baking on 350°F at temperature until bronzed colored. Set 20-30 minutes timer according to thickness of the fillet.

If Pan-fried:

  • Give coating of cornflour, salt, & pepper.
  • Fry for 5-6 minutes approximately on both sides of the fillet.

If grilled:

  • Pierce the fish fillet with skewer of metal to make it stay on the skewer.
  • Then brush it with oil or butter. Grill on Medium heat at the temperature of 190°F for 15-25 minutes for both sides to be cooked properly.

Where to Buy Orange Roughy?

Orange Roughy is a full of nutrition and tasty fish, beside the fact that it is difficult to find it raw meat in the markets.

The finest way to experience Orange roughy is buying it fresh from local general store or proper seafood shops.

Amazon and Walmart are both perfect places to get this frozen form of this fish meat. In case, if you don’t know any fish shop or market near you.

If you know your nearest local fish shops or market and Seafood stores for economical and preservable choice.

Things you must know:

Mercury is a harmful content that can cause heart diseases, it is not a non-serious fact to ignore. The orange roughy is advised not to be eaten by pregnant women, Lactating women, and Adolescent children by health department to avoid the high mercury level in it.

Although it is almost calorie-free and fat-free fish, but orange roughy's high level of mercury has lead to its least availability in restaurants and grocery stores. If an Orange roughy is young in age then, it may contain least level of mercury and will be less harmful.


At the end we must say, the orange roughy is a brilliant choice for fish lovers. It is not as boring or plain meat as other whitish meats.

It may pick more taste and flavor that will turn out your recipes as amazing as expected.

It is simple and easy to prepare as a dish. You can make this dish on your weekends when you are craving for a quick and magnificent dish.

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